Welcome to Pythonindo

Pythonindo is a website that contains the tutorial Python speak Indonesia. Python tutorials ranging from basic level, intermediate to advanced can be found here.

Python has many advantages so it deserves to be studied. There are many reasons why Python worthy of study.

Python has a great many users. Starting from the individual up to the large and famous company. Maybe you want to know anyone using Python.

If you are a beginner, You can learn the basics of Python in Python tutorial basis.

For the intermediate and advanced levels, you can read the part of Python. The page is still under development.

If you want to learn from the e-book, you can download it in the Download page E-book Python. All its e-books still in the language of the United Kingdom.

For beginners, this site is easy-I hope can be a Python tutorial-language reference to Indonesia. To the already proficient, this site is easy-I hope it can still be useful as a reminder of forgotten passwords and to supplement insight into Python.

Finally, although already strive to provide Indonesia-speaking Python tutorials carefully, of course there are still many shortcomings at this site. You can give feedback on the contact page or send an email to pythonindo1@gmail.com

Hopefully this site is helpful for the reader at once. Happy learning.